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Chinthana Gopinath

The humans of our family have now started to reap the benefit of the skill & dedication this mother-daughter duo possesses. They treat us, dogs & humans, as whole & complete entities. Not just a bundle of symptoms. Our emotional state, feelings, thoughts, past experiences, trauma, everything is discussed extensively before treatment. And it works, beautifully.


Sanjana Madappa Thumbnail

Sanjana Madappa

We started working with Dr. Ashima Nath about two years ago and her homeo medicines have worked wonders.

I fully believe that it is a testament to her medication that none of our team of ten people have contracted COVID, despite the nature of our work. I’m truly grateful for the number of animals and people she has been able to help through her expertise.

Pradeepa Rao

Pradeepa Rao

Dr. Ashima has been instrumental in the well-being of not just the animals under my care, but my mental and physical well-being as well. Thank you, doc! ☺ 

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